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I'm a Raindrop, Get Me Outta Here!!

SpudPuppy Productions Presents "I'm a Raindrop, Get Me Outta Here!! (IARGMOH) It is an Immersive, engaging 50 minute theatre production, where the audience is directly involved in the action.  ​

Water has been around for billions of years. What has this water seen? Where has it been? 


The audience is taken back to the age of the dinosaurs, the caveman era, the industrial revolution and to the top of an avalanche! As these stories unfold, the raindrops realize the world is changing FAST! Their lakes are drying out, they are falling from the sky as acid rain and they are swimming in oceans covered in sticky oil. YUCK !!   

These little raindrops have a massive mission ahead of them. They need to spread the word and warn all the humans about the impending danger facing their planet, and come up with a plan of attack against climate change FAST! Do you think they can do it?  


Previous Seasons

Melbourne Fringe Festival Online 2021

Our first development showing was unfortunately stifled by pesky covid, but never fear! We  persevered and performed our first development ONLINE. It went fantastic. We had a great response from kids and adults alike!

Adelaide Fringe Festival 2022

We can perform in person again yay! We could finally create the show and perform IN REAL LIFE! We headed to the Adelaide Fringe Festival for our first in person showing of our full length show. We got some great reviews and awesome audience members. 

Motley Bauhaus - September School Holidays - 2022

We brought the show back home to Melbourne so we could share it with our friends and family. We had heaps of friends, loved one and family's come along to share in the fun!  

Where to next?

We are busy pluggin away behind the scenes to bring (IARGMOH) back for a future season. Want to see us soon? Watch this space and keep a check on our socials!! 
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